Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a Bottleless Water Cooler?

You will participate in an eco-friendly environment. Having bottleless water coolers helps avoid the plastic bottles that end in the landfills and the pollution caused by fossil fuel burning delivery trucks.

What are the benefits of using this system?

Your taste buds will change with the most purified water system and best of all without running out of water. Not forgetting you can finally avoid the passive of germs and as a result, minimize illness. By using bottleless water coolers you can reduce the intake of chemicals and chlorine that are naturally found in plastic containers.

How do they work?

At no cost to you, every 6 months the filter in these bottleless water coolers needs to be changed. Depending on the type of cooler you choose, they are connected to the electric outlet & your water faucet

How much will this cost?

For only $30.00 a month, that is because we rent out the equipment, you can have all the water you would like without components that may affect your health in the long run.

How do to choose what is best for your friends and family or co-workers?

We provide three options (look under Bottleless water coolers) that are easily installed just about anywhere in the house or office and for your convenience they provide the option of hot/cold water.

What is the purpose of alkaline water coolers?

Even though bottleless water coolers purify the regular faucet water, alkaline water coolers help neutralize and stop radicals from wreaking havoc in our bodies. Because our bodies are more than 75% water, using the alkaline water coolers our body’s pH is kept in balance, properly disposing our intake of acids from our daily foods.

Is there a set-up fee for having either cooler installed?

Yes, Low Cost of $50